CubeSat standard small satellites developed under the Space-π educational initiative enable school and student experiments in the near-Earth orbit

Presenting Geoscan 3U

The CubeSats are designed for the conduct of school and university experiments in near-Earth space

CubeSat Geoscan 3U
All specifications
1.8 kg
assembled weight
6 kg
maximum weight
including payload
Geoscan CubeSats
CubeSat payloads
Small scientific instruments
Small scientific instruments Small scientific instruments
  • Monitoring electron, proton and nucleus flows, ultraviolet, and gamma rays in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.
  • Carrying out biological experiments.
Remote sensing cameras
Remote sensing cameras
The tasks for the CubeSats
Training school and university students in the design, programming and assembly of real spacecrafts;
test flights
Following their test flights in LEO (low Earth orbit);
Organising competitions
Organising competitions and experiments via the amateur radio frequency network.
The tasks for the CubeSats

The CubeSat Geoscan 3U is being developed within the parameters of the Russian educational project for the creation of satellite constellation (Space-π) for student career guidance which is supported by the Innovation Assistance Foundation.

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